Ned & LeAnn: Paving The Way for The Next Generation

The Lyerlys have made it their mission to lead a family with strong faith roots, and are continuing on that journey as Partners here at Rolling Hills.

“Rolling Hills is an amazing church and organization - the genuineness around the community and the open arms that we felt from the beginning. It's a place that we matter and belong.”

Pam Engle: Reflecting on 20 Years of God’s Unimaginable Work at Rolling Hills

Since Pam became a partner at Rolling Hills in 2014, she’s seen God show up in incredible ways, encouraging her in her own faith journey now for almost a decade.

“I can’t even imagine what God’s going to do in the next 10 years, 20 years at Rolling Hills. I just know that I’ve heard clearly that it’s part of my job is to be able to set the platform, set the stage so that there is a space for God to do that, so I am all in.”

Josh and Erin Hurt: Embracing Boldness and Blessings Beyond the Comfort Zone

Part of what God calls us to do, many times, is to step out of our comfort zones. For the Hurts, they experienced that firsthand.

“It takes boldness. It takes you to be able to say, ‘You know, okay, I’ll do that…’ That moment of time when you cross over from that standpoint of fear or anxiety… There’s always a blessing on the other side of that, especially when you’re following God and what He’s telling you to do and prompting you to do.”

Jay Williams: Investing in the Future, One Person at a Time

Papa J, as many of our students and church family affectionately call him, truly believes that the future of the church is the next generation, which is why our focus on that as a part of the NEXT Campaign really hits home for him.

“​​The future is those people behind us. It’s those kids in the Pre-K program. It’s those kids in K-3 & 4-5 and middle school. If we don’t pour our lives into those people, there is no future for our Church. They are the future, and that’s where our focus needs to be.”

Cary and Sarah Pierce: Committing to Sharing Christ First

God shows up – in His perfect plan and timing. Cary and Sarah Pierce know that to be true for them, whether it was in their marriage, their family, and in their church. He uses ordinary people to accomplish extraordinary things.

"Our investment opened the door, so that people who may not know a loving church home or may not know Christ at all can walk through and experience that."

Glynn and Lisa Spangenberg: Impacting People in our own Circles

Who is the person in your life that God's calling you to witness to? Like He's done in the Spangenberg's lives, He will use you to show others Himself – and His Church.

"There are places where these people will come. And they will worship. And they’ll worship out loud. And they’ll study the word of God. And they’ll teach it. And they’ll go out and they’ll make a difference."

Kelly Cooke: Trusting God Amidst Life's Trials

Whatever you may be walking through, you are not walking by yourself. The purpose of the Church is to come alongside our family – and to point each other to the Ultimate Comforter. Just as Kelly shares in her story, God alone is our Rescuer, and He calls us as the Church to direct people to Him no matter the situation.

"It opened my eyes to, I don't have to suffer alone. This is God. This is His work. He's our healer, He's our comforter... He has rescued me. He will rescue you. That's the good that is going to come out of this."

Susan Brown: Giving as an Act of Worship

To Susan, giving is not just giving of her tithes. Giving is an act of worship, thoughtful obedience, and an act of trust in the Lord. Worshipful giving to her is thanking God for his abundant blessings and love. Thoughtful obedience is surrendering to the Lord resources He has given us right back to Him.

"As I have grown in my faith, because of His great love for me, I've been able to transition from really just holding on tightly to letting go..."

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Primary Goal: 100% Participation of Current Rolling Hills Givers

Current Percent Participation: 98%


Secondary Goal: $20 Million

Current Amount: $13,813,397

Total Given (As of June 2024): $5,060,523