Be a part of what’s NEXT by making your pledge today. It’s going to take all of us praying, serving, and investing in the things that matter.

Make a Pledge


When you submit a pledge to the NEXT Campaign, you're committing to a total gift amount that you intend to fulfill between today and December 31, 2025. Payments to your pledge can be fulfilled in whatever method and cadence works best for you.


The Rolling Hills Finance Team can assist you with setting up your pledge online, or you can fill out a Commitment Card and submit at your local campus. The team can also assist you in setting up recurring gifts or can send you reminders throughout the campaign for pledge fulfillment and progress made towards fulfillment.



There are multiple ways for you to give to NEXT. You can choose a one-time gift to be submitted at any time, or you can pay in regular recurring cadence such as a weekly, monthly, quarterly, or annually. Gifts can be made online, at your local campus on Sundays, or mailed in.


There are also many different methods of payment for your NEXT Commitment, including Donor Advised Funds, sale of stock or property, and cryptocurrency. For more details about giving, check out our Ways to Give video.


Giving Pathways

The number one priority of the Next Campaign is 100% participation. All of us, together, locking arms and committing to invest in what God will do. We’re all on our own giving journey. No matter where you’re at, our prayer is that you join in the work that God will do through Rolling Hills by taking your next step, using this Giving Pathway as a guide to grow in your giving and grow closer to the Lord.


An initial giver is someone who decides to give for the first time, out of a response to God’s calling. As an initial giver, you’re putting your trust in God, growing closer to him in this way. Our prayer for you, as an initial giver, is that you’ll experience the initial joy of following Christ through giving.


A committed giver devotes themselves to giving a regular amount, and on a consistent cadence, to grow in their faith as a disciple of Jesus. As a committed giver, you’re part of a body of believers who put Jesus’ words into action through your giving. Our prayer for you, as a committed giver, is for God to continue to grow you closer to him through this ongoing discipline.


A purposeful giver assesses their spending and saving to drive a newfound priority of giving and generosity. As a purposeful giver, you’re growing from the mindset of blessings being 100% yours to being 100% God’s, experiencing the freedom of releasing your time, talent, and treasure to the Lord. Our prayer for you, as a purposeful giver, is that the joy and blessings of the Lord will continue to guide your life.


An eternal giver looks beyond the impact of the ministries that they currently fund. They know, through their faithful, committed giving, that they will support these immediate needs, but they also, proactively plan and prepare for ways to support eternal impact well beyond their time. Our prayer for you, as an eternal giver, is for God to continue to stir in your heart, the desire to impact generations of believers long after you’ve received your heavenly reward.



Primary Goal: 100% Participation of Current Rolling Hills Givers

Current Percent Participation: 98%


Secondary Goal: $20 Million

Current Amount: $13,813,397

Total Given (As of May 2024): $4,917,086