For the past 20 years of Rolling Hills, we have seen God do more than we could ever imagine. Countless lives have been impacted for eternity. Many have professed their faith through baptism, adults and children have grown in their faith through discipleship, campuses have been launched in communities all throughout Middle Tennessee, and the vulnerable and the least have been served throughout the world. 


God has shown up, time and time again, and now, we faithfully look ahead to what is NEXT for His Church, knowing that it’s not about us and our future, but about God and His perfect plan.


Our prayer is that this is a season that we look back on and see as one where God grew and stretched His people in ways He never has before. We’re believing we will see restored relationships, miracles happen right before our eyes, radical salvations, and prodigals returning home. We’re believing for all of this and more. May He find us faithful as we step forward, trusting that the best truly is yet to come. 

5 Visions of NEXT


For the past 20 years, we’ve had a front-row seat to God doing more than we could ever imagine. Lives impacted for all eternity, public professions of faith through baptism, kids and adults discipled in the ways of Jesus, and campuses expanded to reach the multitudes. And we’re just getting started.

God put us here for a reason right here in Nashville where people are coming from all over the United States. Williamson County alone is reported to double in the next 20 years. As a church, we’ve grown by 30% over the past year, which means we will double in the next three years, people keep coming and we need more space for people to hear and grow in Christ. Are we going to turn people away because we don’t have room? Not on our watch. What if we would’ve stopped at the movie theater? Or at the Marriott? Or at the theater? Or now? So many people wouldn’t have come to know Christ. Lives wouldn’t have been impacted for all eternity. We can’t fold in and leave this unaddressed. So we’re going to continue to grow, continue to expand, and continue to build.

Everyone who comes to Rolling Hills says there’s something different about this place. And we know it’s only because of the Spirit of God. When God’s people pray, and when God’s people sacrifice, people are drawn in and lives are changed. And just like the people who’ve gone before us have changed history by being obedient to God, this is our turn and our time for what’s NEXT.



In the heart of our church community, the legacy of our faith is that we pass it down to future generations.

We have hopes and dreams for our children that they will always have a place where they feel safe, take the next steps in their faith, and experience joy in community with others. Our goal is simple, to continue to create pathways for the Next Generation to know and follow Jesus.

Today, we stand at a defining moment – a moment to embrace the future, to ensure our children and grandchildren have a place to grow in faith.

Imagine creating additional space (which we are currently at capacity) that not only has shaped our history but shapes the stories of those yet to come. More small group spaces, additional worship venues, and sensory environments for our Special Needs and Inclusion Ministry.

This is the time to invest in the next generation, in their faith journey, in their understanding of God’s purpose for their lives, and how he has called them to live and love those around them. So, together as a church family, we join hands and hearts for what is NEXT. Let us build a foundation for the future, where generations unite in worship, fellowship, and purpose. And live for the name of Jesus.

Together, we build for tomorrow, celebrating our past and equipping the future.


In Matthew 22, Jesus reminded His disciples of the first commandment to love the Lord your God with all of your heart, all of your soul, and all of your mind. But He also says, “the second is like it, you shall love your neighbor as yourself.


The Rolling Hills Community Center at Nashville South will provide the opportunity for our church family to love on our neighbors that call south Nashville home, helping to provide food, clothes, ESL, financial training, and more for the underserved in our city. With such a rich diversity of people groups and such a high level of immigrant population in this area, we’re excited for our church family to be the hands and feet of Jesus here.


This Community Center will become the hub for our Do Good Local missions, providing opportunities for community groups, youth, teens, and others to serve and create impact locally.

Community Center Interior@2x


Scripture is clear that God calls his people to take the Gospel to the ends of the earth. Fifteen years ago, Rolling Hills started Justice & Mercy International to fulfill this calling. Together we have worked in Moldova and the Amazon to “Uphold the cause of the poor and the oppressed,” as Psalm 82:3 says.


Vulnerable children have hope and a future through child sponsorship; at-risk teens have protection from trafficking through transitional living homes, and jungle pastors have training and support to take the Good News to remote villages.


We are now broadening our ministry into Italy to explore how we may have a greater impact throughout Europe. Will you join us to reach the next child, the next teen, the next pastor, and beyond in the name of Christ? For the poor, orphaned, and forgotten around the world.


As we begin to think about and get excited for the spaces created through the NEXT Campaign and the additional ministries and discipleship opportunities that will take place, we don’t want to lose sight of the individuals whose lives will change.

Through this campaign, we’re asking for your prayers. Prayer for the next one person who will come to know Christ here at Rolling Hills as a result of these spaces, ministries, and opportunities. A new eternal relationship with a ripple effect that will be far greater than we can ever imagine.

Over the years we’ve seen so many people come to know Christ, profess their faith in Him, and be baptized. Through the mission of the NEXT One, we pray for those who will take these steps NEXT.


A Look Ahead to What's NEXT

FRANKLIN CAMPUS - New Auditorium & additional Preschool and Kids Space
NOLENSVILLE CAMPUS - Finish out new building and remodel Connection Center

COLUMBIA CAMPUS - Additional Campus Improvements
- Community Center
ONLINE CAMPUS - Expand our Digital Presence


FRANKLIN CAMPUS – New Auditorium

Nolensville Welcome Center@2x

NOLENSVILLE CAMPUS – Finish out new building and remodel Connection Center


FRANKLIN CAMPUS – Additional Preschool and Kids Space

Haywood Hills



COLUMBIA CAMPUS – Additional Campus Improvements

Primary Goal: 100% Participation of Current Rolling Hills Givers

Current Percent Participation: 98%


Secondary Goal: $20 Million

Current Amount: $13,813,397

Total Given (As of June 2024): $5,060,523